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      H2O3 -96L connection apparatus

      H2O3 -96L connection apparatus

      Product description

      MD-A portable nucleic acid detection box is portable with the characteristics of molecular diagnostic / detection system. This system is the world's first portable operating real-time operating system, provides a good premise for individual experiment Lab-in-a-box. The system core instrument for card udy Mini8 plus real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument and supporting for DC 12V, vehicular charging, can be used for field or field experimental molecular operation of metal bath temperature control equipment H2O3, hand-held sample grinding equipment G10/G20, mini centrifuge and can be for all equipment of the power supply of the Batt-3 battery box, etc.. The use of portable nucleic acid detection box can greatly improve the efficiency and save space cost and reduce the difficulty of experiment, the nucleic acid detection line of the operation more simple and convenient.

      The main product features
      • The open design of
      • reagent
      • &ldquo; sample grinding - nucleic acid extraction &rdquo real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR; portable solution first
      • The portable shockproof, truly achieve real-time field
      • 12V DC, the vehicle charging power battery box can also be collocation &nbsp;
      • Easy to operate greatly reduces the personnel requirements
      • Simplify the experimental process, to maximize the reduction of sample transport, degradation of risk and cost
      Related application
      • Disease control emergency
      • Development of diagnostic reagents
      • Food safety
      • Field site
      • Cross disciplinary laboratory

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